Creating a Scalable Service Business Model – Is it Possible?

With most service organizations, time is a commodity and trust, expertise, and relationships are unique value propositions. A major challenge for owners of financial advisory firms is creating a business model that grows in such a way that they spend more time doing what they enjoy most and less time running the business. An effective solution to this challenge is building a scalable business model.
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Holistic Financial Planning: Does Your Firm Have the “X” Factor?

It’s always interesting to see a person’s wheels spinning when I describe myself as a financial planner. For the most part, people are confused about what a financial planner does or what the term financial planning means. I’m not even sure that my family and friends fully understand what I do. They just know that “I’m good with money” and “I help others with money.”
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Welcome to My Blog

Today marks an exciting day for me as I am officially launching my website and blog. I’ve been working hard to build a solid foundation that would allow me to do what I enjoy most – helping others succeed in the financial services industry.
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