Financial Planning

Providing comprehensive financial planning services helps advisors to build a stronger bond with their clients, as long-term comprehensive planning allows advisors to become an integral part in their clients’ lives.

Whether you’re an investment advisor looking to expand your service offerings or a multi-family office looking to develop relationships with your clients’ heirs, our financial planning services can meet your needs.  We have a wide range of experience that gives us the ability to handle basic planning needs of the mass affluent and the more complex, customized planning needs of ultra high net worth families.  Our arrangement and scope of services are structured based on your needs and can range from “back office” support to managing select client relationships.

The table below is a summary of the financial planning services we provide.  Please note that this table serves as a guideline and we will customize a package based on the unique needs of your firm.

Comprehensive Financial Plan Preparation
Data Gathering
Data Inputs
Plan Creation
Plan Presentation
Plan Changes
Follow Up and Execution
Modular Planning and Analysis
Update Existing Plan or Analysis
Client Meeting Participation
Assist with Answering Client Questions
Coordinate with Other Professional Advisors
Ongoing Planning Services
Family Education
Agenda Creation
Meeting Preparation
Meeting Presentation
Employee Training and Education
Financial Planning Process
Planning Topics (Lunch and Learn)
Creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan
Providing Ongoing Planning Services
Planning Services Review
Identify Goals
Review Current Services, Deliverables, and Systems
Discuss Concerns and Preferences
Recommend and Implement Changes
Manager, Director, and C-Level packages require a retainer engagement and a 3-month commitment. After the initial 3 months, clients automatically switch to a month-to-month agreement for the duration of the relationship. The packages above include face-to-face time in addition to full telephone, email, and other continuing support. Fees are determined by the amount of face-to-face time required and the scope of services. Hourly or project engagements are also available and require a minimum of 16 hours per month.