Interim Executive

Our Interim Executive service was created for advisors who need a short-term solution to growing pains or unexpected openings.  This option is great for firms that are in the early stages of building their business and have not given much consideration to the type of business model they would like to create.  Through this service, we can review your current operations and personnel and help you gain clarity before starting the hiring process. Unlike recruiting firms, we help you identify what additional personnel and/or resources are needed and we can revise or create job descriptions, onboarding processes, and training manuals that will make the hiring process smoother.  We also have the ability to provide assistance with financial planning, account management, and operations until the role is filled.  In some cases, you may realize that an upgrade in operations or technology solves the problem.  In other cases, you may need to fill a role that is different than what you originally thought.  Bad hiring decisions not only cost time and money, they can decrease productivity and have a negative impact on clients and employees.  We understand that a good combination of personality traits, skill sets, and work styles contribute to the success of your business and we work in the best interest of your firm to ensure that this process has little or no effect on your clients.

Below is a summary of the Interim Executive services we provide.  Please note that this summary serves as a guideline and we will customize a package based on the unique needs of your firm.

Operations and Human Capital Analysis

  • Identify Goals
  • Review Current Operations and Personnel
  • Discuss Concerns and Preferences
  • Interview Current Employees to Determine
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Suitability and Preferences
  • Determine what Additional Personnel and/or Resources are Needed
  • Revise or Create
    • Organization Chart
    • Job Descriptions
    • Functional Roles and Responsibilities
    • Onboarding Process and Training Manuals
  • Assist with Hiring Process
    • Recruiting Firms for Full-Time and/or Part-Time Employees
    • Outsourcers/Contractors for Marketing, Operations, etc.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Continuing Support as requested

Provide the Following Services as Needed in the Interim

  • Financial Planning
  • Account Management
  • Operations

Interim Executive services require a retainer engagement and a 1-month commitment.  After the initial month, clients automatically switch to a month-to-month agreement for the duration of the relationship.  Fees are determined by the scope of services.