While operations are one of the most important components of growing and maintaining a successful business, many business owners are so busy managing the business and serving clients that they often neglect this area. We understand that the skills required to be a great financial advisor are quite different from the skills required to manage a great business.  You may have big goals as a business owner, but often managing employees, processes, and technology can create obstacles that hinder your firm’s growth and productivity.  Our operations services help you develop and implement a strategic plan for your business so you can build a solid foundation for growth.  Business owners can free up their time to work on high-value activities and employees can be more productive by effectively utilizing their unique skill sets.  All this can result in happy employees and a better client experience, which can lead to greater business growth.  If you find yourself answering yes to one or more of the questions below, we can help.

  • Does it seem like common tasks take too long to complete?
  • Are operational errors and/or delays costing you money?
  • Are personnel skill gaps affecting the quality and consistency of your client service?
  • Is your staff overworked and unhappy due to inefficient or insufficient systems?
  • Do your overhead expenses seem high for your practice given its size?
  • Do you feel like your practice is growing out of control or not growing at all?
  • Do you worry that the firm is not being managed properly when you’re not there?
  • Are you missing out on time with friends and family because you have too much to do in your business?

Our process begins with a comprehensive review of your firm.  From there, we identify bottlenecks, make recommendations, and help you and your staff implement solutions.

The table below is a summary of the operations services we provide.  Please note that this table serves as a guideline and we will customize a package based on the unique needs of your firm.

Operations Review
Identify Goals
Review Current Operations, Deliverables, and Systems
Discuss Concerns and Preferences
Recommend and Implement Changes
Assist with Hiring Process if Needed
- Recruiting Firms for Full-Time and/or Part-Time Employees
- Outsourcers/Contractors for Marketing, Compliance, etc.
Systems and Workflow
Standardize and Document
- General office procedures
- Marketing/Branding procedures (presentations, communications, etc.)
- Common tasks and actions
Create systems for storing and accessing information
- Paper filing, Electronic filing, Retention Systems
Identify inefficiencies with existing systems and make recommendations
- Daily and Recurring Tasks
Human Capital Management
Talent and Needs Assessment
- Recruiting and Hiring
- Onboarding programs
Organization Effectiveness
- Organization Structures and Chart
- Job Descriptions, Functional Roles and Responsibilities
Employee Education
- Employee Training Manuals
- Education and Training
Practice Management
Profitability, Fees, and Pricing
- Fee structures
- Analyzing expenses and overhead, revenue, etc.
Client Service Models and Standards
- Client meeting intervals
- Client contact intervals
- Presentation templates
Director and C-Level packages require a retainer engagement and a 3-month commitment. After the initial 3 months, clients automatically switch to a month-to-month agreement for the duration of the relationship. The packages above include face-to-face time in addition to full telephone, email, and other continuing support. Fees are determined by the amount of face-to-face time required and the scope of services. Hourly or project engagements are also available and require a minimum of 16 hours per month.