Our Process

C-Level Consultants has developed a process for evaluating your firm’s goals and objectives and developing a plan that serves as a framework for the scope of our engagement.


In this first phase, we have each client complete a questionnaire that provides information on your current situation, goals, and preferences. In addition, we meet with you to discuss this information.

Proposal and Recommendations

From our initial discovery process, we develop a proposal that includes a recommended scope of services, our fees, and a plan for how we can work together. Together, we can discuss and make any necessary revisions. Once the proposal is finalized, we enter into an agreement and start our initial engagement.

Initial Engagement

Depending on the scope of services, we will work with you to develop 30-, 60-, and 90-day plans that identify strategic priorities and address your biggest challenges. We will also check in throughout the initial engagement period to report on our progress and make adjustments if necessary.

Ongoing Services

After our initial engagement, we meet with you to evaluate our relationship, process, and accomplishments. From there, we establish upcoming priorities and identify new opportunities. We continue this process throughout the duration of our relationship.